Interventional Pain Management

Pain Management


Pain is part of everyday life from a papercut,  stubbed toe, or even a broken bone.  Pain is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong.  Most of the time pain is short lived and we are able to go on and focus on other tasks and enjoying life but for some that pain does not go away and this is where interventional pain management can help those individuals especially those with chronic pain.  Our pain management physician will take time to listen and understand your pain and discuss with you the possible treatment options that would help. When dealing with chronic pain a multiple disciplinary approach is needed to help address all of the parts of life that are being affected by chronic pain.

Interventional pain management is the use of medications, procedures and devices to alleviate intense and chronic pain. Medications can be in the form of pills, creams, or injections used to block the sensation of pain. Besides prescriptions, injections are the most common way an interventional pain management physician can help to relieve pain. Injections can be as simple as a local injection in the muscle or joint of the injured area to reduced pain. Other types of injections are minimally invasive and require additional equipment such as Fluoroscopy, motion x-ray, to visualize the area and deliver medication to the source of the pain. This type of procedure is typically done in the spine but also can be done in other areas of the body such as larger joints such as: hips, knees, shoulders. Other more invasive procedures may involve the use of radio-frequency ablation or a spinal cord stimulator if the pain is not able to be controlled with simpler means. Devices like a TENS unit can be used to treat pain without the use of medication.