Patient Testimonials


I was involved in a car accident and I had really bad neck pain to the point that I could not turn my head. I was treated by Dr. Chelini and Dr. Harsoor for my injuries and I cannot thank them enough for all of the help they have given me. They really listened to my concerns and helped me get through this tough time in my life.


I hurt my low back at work and it never got better until I saw Dr. Harsoor and Dr. Chelini. I could not believe that I was able to be pain free after been in pain for over 1 year. I was able to return back to my job and have not had a problem since.


Phyllis B

I have been dealing with pain for years and take different medications to help with pain but it never went away. I was referred to Dr. Harsoor by my doctor and she recommended an injection would help and I was so scared of needles but she explained everything to me and I had the procedure done. I could not believe how much it helped me. I am very grateful that my doctor recommended me to see Dr. Harsoor.


Shawn C

I had elbow pain on and off for 2 months and I said I can not take any more as I was starting to drop things because it hurt too much to hold anything, even paper. I saw Dr. Harsoor and Dr. Chelini and in a couple of weeks I was pain free and could finally hold a dinner plate again without fear of dropping it.