Auto Accident Injury

What kinds of auto accident-related injuries does our office treat?

It’s something that anyone who’s ever been in a auto accident knows all too well: That life-saving trip to the emergency room is often only the first step in the long road to recovery. Injuries from auto accidents can impact your life for months or years after the initial incidents.

Among the injuries for which patients often seek care are whiplash, knee damage, torn rotator cuffs, crushed hands, cracked ribs and damaged lungs — as well as traumatic brain injury, nervous system disorders, stress disorder and nonspecific pain.

Why is it important to start treatment as soon as possible?

Depending on your injury, scar tissue can build up along injured muscles, tendons and joints — making the recovery process that much longer if you don’t work on it as soon as possible. Conservative treatment such as physical therapy also helps you avoid “teaching” your body bad habits to make up for your injuries, such as potentially throwing your spine out of alignment because you’re favoring an aching hip.

Finally, any insurance or legal claims you may be seeking will need documentation in order to prove the duration needed for treatment.

Our team of dedicated professionals can help you with all of these issues, by working with you to determine the scope of care that you need, as well as providing any needed professional documentation. Call us today for an appointment, so that you can begin recovery from your motor vehicle accident as soon as possible.